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 Friday, May 22, 2015
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Senior takes action on supporting schools

Friday, May 24, 2013

Being a senior citizen on a fixed income, I am always concerned where my limited income goes. I make sure my money goes where it will do the most good and for that reason I sent a check in the amount of $34.40, which is equal to the 2-cent real estate tax increase if it would have been added for the school system. After accounting for this check, the Franklin County Board of Supervisors should issue the school system the same amount to cover whatever it might. I know it is not much, but maybe, it will buy a hungry kid's lunch for a couple weeks or a teacher's lunch for a week.

Our school system is about the only thing in this county that will draw economic development. With cuts being made in the school system, it looks like the powers that be or the "suits" are not very concerned if these kids have a bright future or not. They will definitely have to look for gainful employment outside this county. I know this from personal experience.

Program and activity cuts in the school budget because of this shortfall will in the long run cost the county more!

Governor school cuts, a definite loss of world class leaders. I know of three former governor school attendees -- one is now a geologist, one is a surgeon, one a college educator.

The elimination of middle school sports will affect approximately 230 kids. These vulnerable kids who are now staying out of trouble could become our next generation of unwed mothers, draining the social service and welfare departments -- or the next generation of drug dealers and pot heads that will be on the sheriff's office's next drug bust.

Elimination of teacher positions for Title 1 remedial work: You "suits" might not know what this is, but these teachers help students who might be having trouble passing mandated state (SOL) and federal (NCLB) test. When these students don't pass these tests, that means reduction in state and federal funds -- then whose pocket do you think that shortfall will come from?

If you as supervisors are truly concerned about the well-being of this county, I challenge you to willfully donate an amount equal to 2-cent real estate tax to the school budget.


Ronnie Altizer


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