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 Friday, August 1, 2014
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Things and memories
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In one way, not having a lot of possessions or money is a blessing when someone kicks the bucket. It may keep peace in the family.

Yea, I guess it's nice to inherit things with monetary value, especially cash, of course, and I'm sure none of us would turn it down.

But, boy, I've seen families who otherwise were close almost come to blows over inheritances, even before the person died. Feelings were hurt to the point the family would never again be the same.

I don't understand how people can become so greedy so quickly. Well, times may change, but human nature does not.

Many of us, though, grew up in families that didn't have much, so dividing up worldly belongings was more of an exercise in who wants a quilt or other keepsake that may have sentimental value.

Rarely was there much money involved, and few things to wrangle over.

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Reconnecting with an old friend
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In 1988, I was Steve McMurray's "first hire" at Pulaski County Speedway before construction of the new track even began. Steve had purchased the old PCS, which was originally a dirt track.

The following season, a handsome young man named John Williamson of Radford came to test his skills as a race car driver for the very first time. He was always accompanied in the infield by his very attractive girlfriend, who was the undisputed "queen of the infield" in track terms. She was a student at Radford University and hailed from Orange County.

I always thought John had the potential to move up in the stock car ranks to the top of the Late Model Stock division. But that never happened. After graduating, the couple married and moved to her hometown, where she became a teacher.

As our friendship grew, John learned I had two Blue Hole canoes. It was then he told me he was also a paddler and owned a Blue Hole canoe. We agreed it was the best on the market, as competitor Old Towne couldn't touch it.

I was busy with getting the new facility off the ground, so to speak, while taking advantage of every opportunity to keep my prized Blue Hole whitewater canoe on a river. Eventually I lost track of John, as I moved on to co-write a book with Dick Thompson about Martinsville Speedway and Clay Earles.

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