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 Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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Morris gets snake bitten
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To write this column as it should be, I have to go back many years ago to when my children, Kurt and Kathy, were very young, perhaps not even in school yet.

Then wife Sue had just purchased a home in a subdivision behind what is now Duncan Ford. At the time, Clements Tractor was hosting a huge July 4th steam engine show. So this sets the time frame.

One summer day, I happened to glance over the end of the carport, which was about 15 feet above the ground. I saw a black snake, probably 5 feet long and wiggling around.

In the next couple of minutes, I watched as she laid two or three eggs atop a small dirt area next to the bottom of the carport. After completing her task, she went straight to the woods and a small creek that never ran dry.

I went back into the house and got the children to follow me around to the back of the house to see the snake eggs. Of course, I had to explain how some snakes had live babies, while others came from eggs, like baby chickens.

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Back to the basics
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"What, sleep on the ground!? No tent!?"

That was the reaction from my teenage daughter when I told her we would sleep on the ground around the campfire during an upcoming camping trip.

"But what about snakes and bugs," she said in more of a statement than a question. "And bears."

I tried to explain that it's unlikely any snakes will be slithering around at night, and they usually steer clear of people anyway. Bears are skiddish as well, nothing to worry about. As far as bugs are concerned, well, nothing that will hurt you, just a few gnats probably.

I told her she would be in a sleeping bag and that offers some protection.

She was not satisfied and just couldn't imagine actually sleeping outside "under the stars."

I do have tents, but the problem is that her boyfriend is coming along, as well as my teenage son and his girlfriend.

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