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 Monday, May 25, 2015
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You sound just like your...!
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One of the fears that most young people share is this: They don't want to be like their parents.

Right now, if you ask any of my four children, I'm quite sure all would say they will NEVER be like me or their mother.

Yeah, right.

I'm the first to say that my mother was a wonderful woman, but I would never, ever have even dreamed that I would grow up to be anything like her.

I mean, she really got on my last nerve.

After all, the reasons she got upset at me when I was growing up seemed so trivial. She would yell, lecture and then punish me for no apparent reason, I thought.

Okay, so I let a naughty word slip out or I was slow to do a chore or I yakked too loud in church. Did I really deserve to be lectured and punished?

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Stephenson family Ramble
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It is with a tired body and a Ramble Weekend hangover (not of the alcohol variety) that I sit in my chair in front of the computer and reflect on this year's 14th annual event

It is hard to believe that no rain fell Friday through Sunday after experts had called for up to a 60-percent chance of thunderstorms for all three days of the Ramble.

Perhaps I've been looking forward to this event more than any other in recent years because of those events when daughter Kathy served as "Queen of the Pigg." Some time back, I sent my older son Mike, who lives in Rutherfordton, N.C., a Channel 12 DVD of the 2010 Ramble with Kathy in it. I wanted to give him some idea of what the event is all about and how much fun both young and old have on the river.

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