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 Wednesday, February 25, 2015
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The Franklin News-Post
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Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151
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Rick Huff a mentor and friend

In 2001, Rick (Franklin County Administrator Rick Huff) took a flyer on a young 20-something pup from Idaho to join the county's small, deeply passionate, and skilled parks team. This opened the door for me to build a lasting relationship with Rick as a professional mentor and friend. Given Rick's deep and abiding faith, here are a couple of local government proverbs he shared with me through word and action:

•Put your family and faith first.

•Confidence and trust as a local government team member is gained through thousands of consistently good actions, mostly unseen. Trust can likewise be destroyed by one ethical lapse.

•99.99999 percent of good local government is based on simple business decisions and processes, not soapbox speeches and media hype.

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Supervisors should consider alternatives to reducing green box sites

I hate to see the green box sites reduced. According to The Franklin News Post article on Feb. 20, sites will be reduced from 69 to 13 over a two-year period. Hours will be reduced from 168 to 71 per week. Cost savings are projected to be $92,000 per year with $152,000 in increased revenue at the county landfill.

County garbage services are being significantly reduced. Sites are reduced 500 percent, hours are reduced more than 100 percent. The percent reduction in sites and hours is not reflected in similar percent reduction in costs. The cost per site has actually increased under the new system of 13 compaction sites. There is a cost savings of $92,000, but this is due to reduced county services -- reduction in site number and hours -- not operational efficiency with the current 69 sites.

Additionally, any trash that cannot be compacted will need to be taken to the county landfill, which has limited hours. No special green boxes will be at the compaction sites intermittently to handle this trash as they are now. This is an increased cost to county residents.

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