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 Friday, October 31, 2014
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The Franklin News-Post
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Two-lane highways present challenges

Two-lane blacktops used to be the standard in vehicular transportation. These days, they are often seen with disdain. And for good reason.

Between the great weather and the number of events taking place, Route 40 West was a busy place Saturday, especially during the morning and early afternoon. If motorists were not headed to the Rotary Fit 5K at Waid Park or the celebration across from 40 West Food Fare, they were on their way to the Blue Ridge Folklife Festival in Ferrum. The festival saw what may have been a record crowd.

Traffic was backed up for miles on Route 40 West, making a normal 15-minute drive from Rocky Mount to Ferrum a two-hour drive. Obviously, no one likes to sit in traffic, but there is not much that can be done about it in some situations. Two-lane highways tend to become log-jammed quickly with high-volume traffic.

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Use caution tonight when trick-or-treaters roam streets

Tonight is Halloween so we all know that means the little ones will be out and about in their costumes, going door to door to collect treats. It's a fun time for them, but it's also a time for all of us to use extra caution.

Children will be on the side of streets and roads, often crossing, so motorists must keep this in mind. Drive very slowly in residential areas especially, staying on constant alert for trick-or-treaters.

We urge parents of trick-or-treaters to use caution as well. Please monitor your children closely, making sure they are safe. It also helps if your children are wearing something that is very visible after dark, even if it's a patch of reflective bright orange. Also remember to check any treat given out before they are gobbled up by the goblins.

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Deer are on the move; be careful

Speaking of safety, this time of year is the prime season for deer activity. It's mating season, and the numbers of those on the move increase.

According to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF), one-half to two-thirds of all deer-vehicle collisions occur in the months of October, November and December. About 1,000 deer are killed on the roadways each year in Franklin County alone, with many of those occurring this time of year.

Statistically, deer-car collisions result in fatalities or injuries in less than 2 percent of crashes, but that does not include vehicles that often swerve to avoid hitting a deer and crash. Also keep in mind that hitting a deer can cause considerable damage to a vehicle.

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