Dear Franklin County School Board,
What if I told you in February of 2020 that a virus with an overall
99.99% survival rate for anyone under 70 and a 100% survival
rate for anyone under 19 (data taken from VDH 7/27/2020) was
going to come into our school system? What if with that data I
demanded that you close school, cancel sporting events, prom
and graduation? What if I said that not only did we need to close
the remainder of the school year, but coming back in the fall would
be too dangerous? You would have laughed at me, and rightfully
so. You would have called me hysterical. You would have informed
me that there is no way we can keep every germ out of school.
Hopefully you would have informed me that kids actually need
to come in contact with all kinds of germs in order to build up an
immunity for a healthy adulthood.
So why then, with the data we now know about COVID 19 are you
so scared to send our children back to school? Will some of them
get COVID, yes, they will. Will they be ok? Yes, they will. COVID
isn’t going away. And neither are all the other illnesses that we now
will be susceptible to because we are losing immunities we had built
up by being quarantined, wearing a mask and self-isolating.
Stop and think about what you are teaching our children and our
community. You are teaching us to live in fear. Fear of a disease
that according to the Virginia Department of Health’s own data
states is not deadly. Children in particular do well with the disease.
Only .00148% of children who contract the disease have to go to
the hospital, and 100% survive.
I am asking that you have the courage to use common sense to
send all children back to school. No masks, no social distancing.
They will pass this non-lethal disease to one another. We will have
a spike in cases. But then, guess what? They will recover, build
up herd immunity, and life goes on. Then it’s done. At some point
the genie needs to be let out of the bottle. This needs to happen
before our children develop or worsen their depression, before
economically disadvantaged kids fall behind, before parents lose
jobs and businesses to try and do your job, because you are too
afraid of the social justice warriors to take a stand and say that our
kids matter, that their health and well-being matter. Trust me; you
will lose more kids to suicide and domestic violence than you ever
will to this virus if you continue to deny them the social interaction
and time with peers they so desperately need.
Dr. Church stated in the last school board meeting on July 27,
2020 that he wished he could send them all back to school. Well,
Dr. Church, you are in luck! You can make that happen. Please,
I am begging you; stop this absolute nonsense and SEND OUR
Pam Pritchett
Rocky Mount, VA



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