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Land and home transfers

Land and home transfers

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Gerald W. Hale to William Bradley, lot 7, The Oaks, Aug. 12, $1,000,000.

Frederick H. Hendricks Jr. to Miachel A. Ross, lot 364, The Water’s Edge, Aug. 7, $850,000.

R.W. Holt, trustee, to Samuel Lee Burton, lot 8, Contentment Island, Aug. 4, $845,000.

David M. Gring to Darrell W. Lilly, lot 26, Waverly, Aug. 31, $800,000.

James Thomas King to Adam M. Park. lot 8, Pagan Isle, Gills Creek District, Aug. 25, $706,000.

Patrick F. Hoy to Shea Felix, lot 58, Boxwood Green, Aug. 14, $705,000.

Richard R. Johnson, co-trustee, to Jeffrey L. Wilson, lot 7, Baywood, Gills Creek District, Aug. 13, $625,000.

William E. Kagarise to Gilbert R. Garza, lot 16, Plantation Point, Aug. 28, $600,000.

Lewis P. Jacoby to Bonnie Lewtschuk, new lot 31A, Golfers Cross, The Water’s Edge, Aug. 25, $520,000.

Christopher A. Jakubowicz to Donald P. Smith, lot 42, The Waterfront, Gills Creek District, Aug. 18, $470,000.

Parker B. Humphreys to Thomas H. Tobin, lot 20, Long Island Estates, Aug. 6, $467,000.

Kesha LLC to James G. Lane, lot 48 Meadow View, Aug. 18, $442,500.

Masoud S. Hejazi to Charles B. Clemmer, lot 4, The Waterfront Townhouses, Gills Creek District, Aug. 24, $417,500.

Tommy W. Kessler to William L. Kite Jr., lot 18, Village Green, The Water’s Edge, Aug. 3, $290,000.

David D. Hammer to Andrew J. Porter, unit 105, South Pointe, Aug. 11, $280,000.

William L. Kite Jr. to Wayne Douglas Sink, lot 17, Village Green, The Water’s Edge, Aug. 10, $210,000.

Anne Turner Huff to Mark Chiarelli, trustee, lot 11, Ridgewood Shores, Aug. 14, $187,500.

JE Home Solutions Inc. to Ashley Philpott, 0.47 acre, Blue Ridge District, Aug. 18, $185,000.

Anthony Byron Guilliams to Joan Carmichael Benson, 129.961 acres, Blue Ridge District, Aug. 13, $180,000.

John Guise to Andrew L. Turner, 9.3 acres, Aug. 19, $170,500.

Richard L. Hunt to Bruce F. Easton, lot 24, The Retreat, Union Hall District, Aug. 28, $135,000.

James Malcolm Gregson to Travis Standford, 0.7 acre, Rocky Mount District, Aug. 6, $117,000.

Ronald Wray Hodges to Puppet Master LLC, lots 27-29, Town of Rocky Mount, Aug. 27, $90,000.

George B. Huggins Jr., co-trustee, to Richard Massaro, 2.828 acres, Aug. 28, $70,000.

Stephen A. Job to Robert Benjamin Fry, lot 8, Highland View Subdivision, Aug. 14, $55,000.

Julia T. Kells, trustee, to Dennis G. Robberstad, lot 33, Plantation Point, Aug. 20, $55,000.

Robert W. Ghiringhelli to Gary J. Hammel, 5.05 acres, Boone District, Aug. 20, $38,050.

Richard L. Jamison Sr., trustee, to Frederick O. Fletcher Jr., 8.218 acres, Rocky Mount District, Aug. 25, $33,000.

Paul Kiefer Gruver to CMH Homes Inc., 10 acres, Blackwater District, Aug. 31, $30,000.

Charles Alexander Hunt to Jeffery C. Jividen, 1.081 acres, Gills Creek District, Aug. 25, $25,000.

Thomas A. Hoppe to Thomas W. Wilson, lot 11, Twin Creeks Subdivision, Aug. 7, $20,000.

Douglas A. Hoyns to Robert M. Cooper Jr., lot 499, The Water’s Edge, Aug. 21, $17,500.

Hasemann Properties Inc. to Richard B. Porter, 5.556 acres, Aug. 24, $13,700.

Ronald Wray Hodges to Puppet Master LLC, parcels, Town of Rocky Mount, Aug. 27, $2,500.

Richard D. Harrell Jr. to 245 North Main Street, LLC, parcel and 0.068 acre, Town of Rocky Mount, Aug. 27.

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