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    The world of chess has been in turmoil over accusations of cheating made by the game's leading player. Magnus Carlsen has publicly accused an up-and-coming American chess player named Hans Niemann of cheating after Niemann beat him at a tournament in St. Louis.

      Hurricane Ian is strengthening rapidly in the Caribbean as it passes over the ultra-warm waters of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. The National Hurricane Center had predicted the system would rapidly intensify from a tropical storm to at least a category 4 hurricane in less than 72 hours.

      Hurricane Ian is forecast to become a major Category 3 as it gains strength. Floridians are advised to stock up on supplies in anticipation of the storm's damage. CNN meteorologist Chad Myers has more. 

      Unpredictable Hurricane Ian strengthened overnight as it churned in the Caribbean, prompting urgent preparations in Florida, where the storm could deliver impacts, including tornadoes, starting Tuesday before possibly arriving as a major hurricane with powerful winds and dangerous storm surge.

      Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis expanded an emergency order to include every county in the state, saying conditions are "projected to constitute a major disaster." CNN meteorologist Allison Chinchar has the latest forecast for Tropical Storm Ian.


      Sir Elton John gave a special performance on the White House lawn to the US president and First Lady and around 2,000 “everyday history makers” on Friday night. The event, A Night When Hope and History Rhyme, saw an audience that included teachers, students, nurses, LGBTQ+ advocates, militar…