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Self-isolation is a one way ticket to the nuthouse for a retired journalist

Self-isolation is a one way ticket to the nuthouse for a retired journalist

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A Journalist’s Memory Book

The world is currently in a pandemic condition due to COVID-19. This old codger — being of an ancient age and subject to immediate death if I even see the bug a mile away — is in self-isolation. Ah yes, peaceful meditation in the safety of my home. Kitty, the love of my life, and I can now talk, debate, discuss, take naps and just relax.

Are we kidding? The television news is in constant “Breaking News,” mode. Remember “FLASH,” “BULLETIN,” etc. We journalists lived by the excitement and thrill of covering some big, breaking news event. Now it is a constant alert. Relax and take it easy, and stay in a safe environment? Not so, old codger! Now you sit on the edge of your rocker and get charged up. How much charging can an old-timer take?

An early conclusion: The world is on fire, in pain and panic; thousands of people dying each day, thousands more down and seriously ill. It seems the world is facing imminent catastrophe and death.

But wait. How about my buddies and compatriot journalists? Gosh, they are out there day and night facing the solid wall of the unseen virus gangster. As always we journalists face the dangers of life, but this story is about unseen killers – trillions and trillions of them. Think of the photographers of the world (like I used to be) trying to take a picture of something so elusive that you can’t even see it. I sit here now, but I can still imagine husky-voiced Al Resch, the former executive news photo editor in New York, screaming on the Wirephoto network, “Heh, Gene, where is the picture?” Ah, yes.

Bless those journalists of today who are out there day and night, facing possible sickness or death to keep the people of the world advised. Think of the mass of medical workers who are nose-to-nose with the victims of the virus. Think of the grocery workers, and all of the other people still serving to keep this nation from collapsing.

There are major problems facing the world, and this nation as well. It appears there is so much misinformation coming out of our government about what is going on, and how we are fighting the battle. President Donald Trump, who has been down-playing the crisis, and as at least one critic has been quoted as saying that Trump is doing that so as to not impede his chances for re-election. Wow.

Some religious leaders are still publicly supporting Trump. That may be, but the crisis worsens.

I’ve tried turning off the TV. But further isolation makes things worse for this old newshound.

I know that if I get that little varmint that I am one dead soul. That thought doesn’t help isolation and meditation.

My hometown area is the ”Moonshine Capitol of the world.” I think I will go to my rocking chair on the porch tonight have some while watching the moon shine.

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