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To the editor: School board needs to reopen schools

To the editor: School board needs to reopen schools

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With the need for our students to perform well on SOLs and other testing students have to pass for college placement, it’s imperative that they receive the best instruction that can be provided. I believe that very best instruction for public school students can only be found in the classroom.

I propose that Franklin County open the schools full time, five days a week starting the first day of school. Yet also allow any parents who desire to keep their children out of the classroom due to COVID-19 to have their children attend school online. If the students do not have the capability to work online and the parents still want to keep them out of school, then the parents can come to the school in a drive-through manner and pick up the school supplies necessary to keep up. This takes the responsibility and pressure for the decision to place our children in the classroom or keep them at home, out of the hands of the school board and places the decision in the hands of the parents. I propose the same for extracurricular activities.

Many families rely on school to (for lack of a better word) “take care” of their children while both parents work. I am not trying to call the schools a glorified babysitter, but the situation merits the overseeing of these children.

I understand the need to meet the minimum requirements of keeping the classrooms clean — which will likely come at an additional cost. Let’s consider the needs of the students over the extra costs due to opening full time. Perhaps the students can remain in a classroom and the teachers can rotate.

I also propose that a percentage of the existing teachers can be set aside to teach those who opt for distance learning.

I am praying that you can keep up the good work under the pressure that all this brings. Regardless of the decisions that you may make, my wife and I support you, and if there is anything that we can do to help you need only to call on us.

Ronnie Wilson

Rocky Mount

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