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Where does the buck stop?

Where does the buck stop?

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President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that read, "The buck stops here." We'd love to know where the buck stops in Rocky Mount, Virginia.

Did you know that the town is paying people not to work? Yep, currently, the town is paying the former assistant town manager (who resigned) and two other employees until they retire; all at full pay.

Did you know that the town is being sued by three to four employees (lost count) due to alleged activities by the chief of police? Win or lose these lawsuits are going to hurt. Recent FOIAs showed over $24,000 has been paid to Woods Rogers PLC through the office of Town Attorney John Boitnott. So Ozark!

Did you know that the town still employs four full-time Harvester employees even though everything has been canceled for the remainder of the year?

Did you know there was a forensic audit of the Harvester finances? On the bright side, it reportedly didn't uncover corruption, just managerial incompetence. Phew.

There is even an ABC investigation into alleged wrongdoing at the Harvester.

Then there are some recent resignations. Good employees leaving because they won't carry the water for management anymore.

With all this, no wonder the town manager has been busy finding a new fall guy, ahem, assistant town manager.

The town doesn't need a new assistant town manager. It needs a real town manager. One that is capable of performing the job, making good decisions and holding subordinates accountable for their actions. It needs someone who puts the town first and leaves their personal interests and the interests of self-serving others behind.

What the town really needs is a full-time human resources executive. Someone who is independent of the town manager and can take real action to avoid the messes that are heading this way.

I bet there are a few more surprises coming. At what point does the town council wake up and show clear and decisive leadership? I recommend they not wait for the town manager to retire.

So just where does the buck stop?

Bryan Hochstein

Rocky Mount Burger Company

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