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To the editor: Biggest threat to society is dishonest press

To the editor: Biggest threat to society is dishonest press

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Considering the amount of ink you spent on Friday's editorial “The big lie on vax divide” a mention of the threat to the health of American citizens...our open southern border...would have been appropriate.

A legion of unvaccinated and sick people are streaming into our country every day. Yet your efforts were in exposing who unvaccinated rural citizens voted for as opposed to the unvaccinated in cities. Who really cares?

There are a large number of our fellow citizens (and residents) who do not trust the vaccine. Why don't you find out why? Then, convince them they are wrong.

Why would your newspaper use fear and ridicule to put down a rally in Lynchburg for election integrity? Can we ever have too much integrity in our elections? We all know cheating takes place. Remember all that whining about the election of 2016? Remember four years of antics designed to unseat President Trump at a cost of hundreds of million in tax payer dollars?

The biggest threat in our society today is not COVID, it is a dishonest press that only presents those “facts” designed to substantiate its narrative and lead the reader away from the complete story.

P.S. I'm vaccinated

Kate Hofstetter

Union Hall

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