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To the editor: The tail wags the dog in this town

To the editor: The tail wags the dog in this town

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The tail wags the dog in this town

Rocky Mount is governed by a Council/Manager form of government. Unfortunately for you, Town Council likes being led by the nose by the Town Manager.

Case in point was December’s Town Council meeting, in which the Town Manager unexpectedly proposed restructuring the Police Department to remove both lieutenant positions and creating a new Captain position. The council was told this change would net a cost savings of $22,000 a year; which is as much fantasy as it is paltry.

If the Town really wants to save money, it could easily save $450k/year (20x) simply by outsourcing the Harvester to competent management.

One council member wanted to know why this change was needed now and why not wait 6 months and let the new Town Manager decide? Good questions!

There was no other serious discussion and the motion passed. Sad, but expected by a Town Council desperately seeking distractions than to address why the former Assistant Town Manager is getting his full salary for 5+ months (your money) even though he resigned in June.

True to form, Council didn’t ask any relevant questions about the Police Department’s current state of affairs. Like, why have 7 or 8 police officers left the force this year alone? What if Public Works lost good 8 people due to management? That Department Head would be toast.

The real issue is the Chief’s management; pure and simple. Does anyone have confidence in him? Reportedly, he was placed on 3+ weeks administrative leave with pay in April (your money). Was there any unpaid leave, too? If it weren’t for double standards, the Town Manager would have no standards at all.

The Police Department needs a different type of reorganization, but the tail wags the dog in this town, and Town Council let itself be led to irrelevance again. It’s all on video.

April 30th can’t come soon enough, but let’s see who they actually hire as Town Manager. Regardless, it’s time for the Town Council to come out of their ivory tower and start putting the Town’s citizens, taxpayers, and police officers first.

Bryan Hochstein

Rocky Mount Burger Co.

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