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One of the world’s most popular gay beach destinations, “P-town” was ranked by the U.S. Census Bureau as”the gayest city in America.” During the off-season, the permanent population is around 3,000, which means more people are dancing in a crowded club in New York on a Saturday night. So if you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, away from the constant noise of the metropolitan lifestyle, look no farther than Provincetown in the off-season. Featuring Insta-worthy attractions, including Long Point Lighthouse and the Pilgrim Monument, the town itself stretches three square miles but maximizes every inch. During the peak summer season, visitors swell the population to a packed 60,000. Provincetown’s gay scene and nightlife are centered around Commercial Street.

With air travel down, many Americans are hitting the roads during COVID-19. Assuming local regulations allow for it, exploring the outdoors can be a good way to vacation safely during this turbulent time.

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Considered the "pearl of the Valdichiana valley," Lucignano looks like a curled-up snake or a long sausage from above.

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This small hilltop town in the region of Marche hides a network of underground tunnels that are waiting to be explored.

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Based near the city of Viterbo in central Italy, Bassano in Teverina is perched on a rock overlooking a section of the Tiber Valley.

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Whether you like ghoulish tales steeped in history, or exciting ghost hunts complete with spirit-sensing gadgetry, ghost tours across the country are waiting to welcome you and your pet with their spooky arms. Here are our picks for the most entertaining pet-friendly ghost tours in the United States. If we’ve overlooked a great one, let us know!

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Last year the marshmallow-headed EDM producer Marshmello drew an astounding 10 million visitors to a concert held within the architecture of the online game Fortnite. Those inside were treated with a hallucinatory good time featuring bouncing Marshmello avatars the size of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Curiously buxom anime creatures danced, entertaining millions watching alone in bedrooms and man caves the world over.

Emery Maxson, a junior member of the Smith Mountain Lake Model Railroad Group, was the primary operator at one of the home layouts that welcom…

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